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Carrier Available
1stel, Inc.
24-7 Telcom, Inc.
2nd Century Communications, Inc.
3 Rivers Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
33 Wireless Inc.
360Networks (USA) Inc.
365 Wireless, LLC
3L Communications Missouri, LLC
4Dvision, LLC
@ Communications, Inc.
A Beep Away
A.V. Lauttamus Communications, Inc.
AAA Communications Ltd
AAT Paging Corporation II
ABC Paging City Beepers, Inc.
Absaraka Cooperative Telephone Co.
ACC National Telecom Corporation
Access One, Inc.
Accesscom, Inc.
Accessible Wireless, LLC
Accipiter Communications Inc
ACD Telecom, Inc.
Ace Link Telecommunications, Inc.
Ace Telephone Association
ACME Communications, Inc.
ACS Wireless, Inc.
ACS, Inc.
Actel Integrated Communications, Inc.
Adak Eagle Enterprise LLC
Adams Telephone Cooperative
Adams Telsystems, Inc.
Adams Wells Telecom (Craigville Telco)
Adbeep, LLC
Adcom, Inc.
Adelphia Business Solutions of Harrisburg, Inc.
Advanced Comm. (Linshaw Communications, Inc.)
Advanced Communications Technology, Inc.
Advanced Network Communications, LLC
Advanced Paging
Advanced Telcom Group, Inc.
Advanced Wireless Network, Inc.
Advantage Cellular Systems, Inc.
Advantage Communications, Inc.
Advanza Telecom, Inc.
Aeneas Communications, LLC
Aeon Communications, LLC
Aerial Communications
Aero Communications, Inc
Aero North Communications, Inc.
Agate Mutual Telephone Cooperative Association
Air Page (John C. Aegerter)
Airadigm Communications Inc.
Airpage (The Beeper People Inc.)
Airphone, Inc.
Al-call, Inc.
Alaska Telephone Company
Albany Mutual Telephone Association, Inc.
Alec, Inc. (Touchtone Communications, Inc.)
Alec, LLC
Alenco Communications, Inc.
Alger Communications, Inc
Algona Municipal Utilities
Alhambra - Grantfork Telephone Co.
All American Telephone Company
All Florida Paging Inc.
All West Wireless, Inc.
All West, Inc.
Allband Communications Cooperative
Allegiance Telecom Inc.
Allendale Telephone Co.
Alliance Communications Cooperative, Inc.
Alliance Connect, LLC
Allo Communications, LLC
Allpage (Scott Sabo)
Allpage, Inc.
Allsafe Security Service, Inc.
Alltel Wireless
Alma Telephone Co., Inc.
Alpine Communications, L.C.
Alta Municipal Utilities
Ama Communications, LLC
Amelia Telephone Corp.
American Broadband and Telecomms Company
American Fiber Systems, Inc.
American Messaging (AM), Inc.
American Messaging Services, LLC
American Mobilphone Paging, Inc.
American Network, Inc.
Americell Pa-3 Limited Partnership
Amerimex Communications Corp.
Ameripage, Inc.
Amery Telcom Inc.
Amherst Telephone Co.
Andrew Telephone Co., Inc.
Answer America
Appalachian Wireless (East Kentucky Network, LLC)
Appia Communications, Inc.
Aquis Communications, Inc.
Arapahoe Telephone Co.
Arbros Communications Licensing Company, N.E.
Arcadia Telephone Co.
Arctic Slope Telephone Association Coop., Inc.
Ardmore Telephone Co., Inc.
Arialink Telecom, LLC
Arizona Telephone Co.
Arkansas Telephone Co., Inc.
Arkwest Communications, Inc.
Arlington Telephone Co.
Armstrong Telecommunications, Inc.
Armstrong Telephone Co.
Arrival Communications, Inc.
Arrowhead Communications Corp.
Arthur Mutual Telephone Co.
Arvig Telephone Co.
Asotin Telephone Co.
ASTAC Wireless LLC
Astound Broadband, LLC
Astro Tel, Inc.
AT&T Alaska (Alascom, Inc.)
AT&T Local
AT&T Mobility (New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC)
ATC Communications (Albion Telephone Co.)
Atkins Telephone Company, Inc.
Atlantic Telecom Multimedia Consolidated, LLC
Atlantic Telephone Membership Corp.
Atlas Telephone Co.
ATX Telecommunications Services, Ltd
Aurora Communications, Inc.
Austin Bestline Company
Automotive Experts Group Inc.
Aventure Communication Technology, LLC
Avid Communications, LLC
Awesome Paging, Inc.
Axxis Communications, Inc.
Ayersville Telephone Co.
Ayrshire Farmers Mutual Telephone Co.
Aztech Communications, Inc
Baca Valley Telephone Co., Inc.
Badger Telecom, Inc.
Baileys Communications & Electronics, Inc.
Bakers Electronics & Communications, Inc.
Baldwin Broadband, LLC
Baldwin County Internet / DSSI Services, LLC
Baldwin Nashville Telephone Co., Inc.
Baldwin Telecom, Inc.
Ballard Rural Telephone Coop. Corp., Inc.
Balsamwest Fibernet, LLC
Baltimore-washington Telephone Bwt CLEC, LLC
Baraga Telephone Company
Barker Communications, Inc.
Barnardsville Telephone Co.
Barnes City Cooperative Telephone Co.
Barr Tell USA, Inc.
Barry County Telephone Co.
Bascom Mutual Telephone Company
Bay Springs Telephone Co., Inc.
Bay Star Satellite Paging
Bayland Communications, Inc.
Bayland Telephone, Inc.
Bear Lake Communications
Beaver Creek Cooperative Telephone Co.
Beehive Tel Co
Beeper Express, Inc.
Beeper Rental Service (RCC of Pennsylvania)
Beepermart, Inc.
Beggs Telephone Co., Inc.
Bek Communications Cooperative
Bell Atlantic Nynex Mobile
Bellsouth Telecommunications, Inc.
Belmont Telephone Co.
Ben Lomand Communications, Inc.
Benkelman Telephone Co., Inc.
Bentleyville Comm. Corp.
Benton Cooperative Telephone Co.
Benton Ridge Telephone Co.
Beresford Municipal Telephone Co.
Bergen Telephone Co.
Berkshire Telephone Co.
Bernard Telephone Co., Inc.
Best Page (Merryville Investments Ltd, Inc.)
Bettles Telephone Co.
Biddeford Internet Corporation
Big Bend Telephone Co., Inc.
Big River Telephone Company, LLC
Big Sandy Telecom, Inc.
Bijou Telephone Cooperative Association, Inc.
Birch Communications, Inc.
Birch Telecom, Inc.
Bitwise Communications, Inc.
Bixby Telephone Co., Inc.
Black Earth Telephone Co.
Blackfoot Communications, Inc.
Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Blair Telephone Co.
Blanca Telephone Co.
Blanchard Telephone Co.
Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative
Bloomer Telephone Co.
Bloomingdale Home Telephone Co., Inc.
Bloomingdale Telephone Co.
Blossom Telephone Co.
Blountsville Telephone Co., Inc.
Blue Earth Valley Telephone Co.
Blue Ridge Telephone Co.
Blue Valley Tele-communicaitons, Inc.
Bluegrass Telephone Company, Inc.
Bluegrass Wireless LLC
Blueriver Communications, Inc.
Bluestem Telephone Company
Bluffton Telephone Co., Inc.
Bonduel Telephone Co.
Border To Border Communications
Borderland Communications, LLC
BPS Telephone Co.
Brandenburg Telecom LLC
Brandenburg Telephone Co.
Brantley Telephone Co., Inc.
Brazoria Telephone Co.
Brazos Telecommunications, Inc.
Brazos Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Breda Telephone Corp.
Bresnan Broadband, LLC
Bretton Woods Telephone Co.
Bridge Water Telephone Co.
Bright Clec, LLC
Bright House NTWS Information Services
Brindlee Mountain Telephone LLC
Bristol Bay Cellular Partnership
Bristol Bay Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Bristol Tennessee Essential Services
Bristol Virginia Utilities
Broadriver Communication Corporation
Broadstreet Communications, Inc.
Broadview Networks, Inc.
Broadvox-CLEC, LLC
Broadwing Communications, LLC
Brookings Municipal Utilities
Brooklyn Mutual Telephone Co.
Brooks Fiber Communications
Bruce Telephone Co., Inc.
BTC, Inc.
Buckeye Telesystem, Inc.
Buckland Telephone Company
Budget Prepay, Inc.
Buffalo-Lake Erie Wireless Systems Co., LLC
Bug Tussel Wireless (Michigan Wireless, LLC)
Buggs Island Telephone Cooperative
Bulloch Cellular, Inc.
Bulloch County Rural Telephone Coop., Inc.
Burke's Garden Telephone Co., Inc.
Burlington Telecom
Burlington, Brighton & Wheatland Tel. Co.
Bush - Tel, Inc.
Business Radio Service (Rodney Shepardson)
Business Service Center, Inc.
Business Telecom Inc.
Butler - Bremer Mutual Telephone Co.
Butler Telephone Co., Inc.
C Spire (fka Cellular South, Inc.)
C-I Communications, Inc.
C-M-L Telephone Coop. Assn. of Meriden, Iowa
C-R Telephone Co.
C3 Communications, Inc.
Cable & Communications Corporation
Cablevision Lightpath, Inc.
Cal-ore Communications, Inc.
Calaveras Telephone Co.
Calhoun City Telephone Co., Inc.
Californiaegon Telephone Co.
Callaway Telephone Exchange
Callerid4u, Inc.
Callis Communications, Inc.
Cambridge Telephone Company
Camden Telephone & Telegraph Co., Inc.
Camden Telephone Co., Inc.
Cameron Communications (LBH, LLC)
Cameron Telephone Co.
Campti - Pleasant Hill Telephone Co.
Canadian Valley Telephone Co.
Canby Telephone Association
Cannon Valley Telecom, Inc.
Cap Rock Telephone Cooperative
Capitol Radiotelephone Co., Inc.
Caprock Telecommunications Corp.
Carbon/Emery Telecom, Inc.
Carnegie Telephone Co.
Carolina PCS 1 LP
Carolina West (North Carolina RSA 3 Cell Tel Co)
Carr Telephone Co.
Carson Communications, LLC
Cas Communications, LLC
Cascade Communications Company
Cascade Utilities, Inc.
Casey Mutual Telephone Co.
Cass Telephone Company
Cassadaga Telephone Corp.
Castleberry Telephone Co., Inc.
Cavalier Telephone, LLC
CBC Broadband Holdings, LLC
Cbeyond Communications, LLC
CC Communications
Cedar Communications, LLC
Cellcom (New Cell, Inc.)
Cellpage (Wood Communications)
Cellpage of Minden
Cellular Connection (Matanuska Kenai)
Cellular Network Partnership
Cellular One of NE Arizona (Smith Bagley Inc.)
Cellular Page
Cellular Properties, Inc.
Cellular Services, LLC
Center Junction Telephone Co.
Centracom Interactive (Central Telcom Services)
Central Arkansas Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Central Montana Communications, Inc.
Central Oklahoma Telephone Co.
Central Scott Telephone
Central State Telephone Co.
Central Tel. Co.
Central Texas Technologies, LP
Central Texas Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Central Utah Telephone, Inc.
Central Vermont Communications, Inc.
Central Wisconsin Communications, Inc.
Champlain Telephone Co.
Chariton Valley Cellular
Chariton Valley Telecom Corporation
Charter Fiberlink, LLC
Chat Mobility
Chatham Telephone Co.
Chautauqua & Erie Telephone Corp.
Chazy & Westport Telephone Corp.
Cheqtel Communications, Inc.
Chequamegon Communications Cooperative, Inc.
Cherokee Telephone Co.
Chesnee Telephone Co.
Chester Telephone Co.
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Telephone Auth.
Chibardun Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Chickamauga Telephone Corp.
Chickasaw Telecommunications Services, Inc.
Chickasaw Telephone Co.
Chillicothe Telephone Co.
China Telephone Co.
Chippewa County Telephone Co.
Choctaw Telephone Co.
Choice One Communications, Inc.
Choice Wireless LC
Choicetel, LLC
Chouteau Telephone Co.
Christensen Communications Company
Chugwater Telephone Co.
Cimarron Telephone Co.
Cimco Communications, Inc.
Cincinnati Bell, Inc.
Cinergy Metronet, Inc.
Circle Telephone & Electric, LLC
Citistream Communications, Inc.
Citizen Phone, Inc.
Citizens Mohave Cell (Mohave Cellular, LP)
Citizens Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Citizens Utilities Rural
City of Barnesville Telephone Utility
City of Brookings Municipal Telephone Dept.
City of Faith Municipal Telephone Co.
City of Portland
City of Thomasville
City of Windom
Citynet, LLC
Clara City Telephone Exchange Co.
Clarence Telephone Co., Inc.
Clark Communications, Inc.
Clarks Telephone Co.
Clarksville Mutual Telephone Co.
Clear Creek Mutual Telephone Co.
Clear Lake Independent Telephone Co.
Clear Lake Telephone Co., Inc.
Clear Rate Communications, Inc.
Clearwave Communications (Delta Comms, LLC)
Clearwire Telecommunications Services, LLC
Clective GA, Incorporated
Clements Telephone Co.
Cleveland County Telephone Co., Inc.
Climax Telephone Company
CMC Telecom, Inc.
Coalfields Telephone (Gearheart Comm. Co, Inc.)
Cobbosseecontee Telephone Company
Cochrane Cooperative Telephone Co.
Coeur D Alene Answering Service, Inc.
Coleman County Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Colo Telephone Co.
Colorado Valley Communications, Inc.
Colorado Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Colton Telephone Co.
Columbine Telco LTD (Columbine Acquisition Corp.)
Columbus Grove Telephone Co.
Columbus Telephone Co.
Comav Corporation
Comcast Business Communications, Inc.
Comcast Phone, LLC
Comity Communications, LLC
Commchoice of Iowa, LLC
Commnet Wireless, LLC
Commonwealth Telephone Company
Communication Options, Inc.
Communications 1 Network, Inc.
Communications Corp. of Indiana
Communications Corp. of Michigan
Communications Corp. of Southern Indiana
Communications Equipment and Svcs., Inc.
Communications Plus, Inc.
Communications Unlimited
Communitronics, Inc.
Community Cable TV Agency O'Bbrien Co.
Community Fiber Solutions, Inc.
Community Service Telephone Co.
Community Telephone Co.
Comscape Telecommunications, Inc.
Comsouth Telecomm
Comsouth Telenet, Inc.
Concord Telephone Exchange, Inc.
Conneaut Telephone Co.
Connect Communications, LLC
Connect Total (Connect Communications Corp.)
Connectto Communications, Inc.
Consolidated Communications Enterprise Services
Consolidated Communications Networks, Inc.
Contact Communications, Inc.
Contact New Mexico, Inc.
Contact Paging of Colorado, Inc.
Contact Paging of Texas
Continental of Ohio
Convergent Communications, Inc.
Convergent Telesis LLC
Conversent Communications, LLC
Cook Telecom, Inc.
Coon Creek Telephone Co.
Coon Rapids Municipal Utility
Coon Valley Cooperative Telephone Assn., Inc.
Coon Valley Farmers Telephone Co.
Cooperative Communications, Inc.
Cooperative Telephone Co.
Cooperative Telephone Exchange
Copper Valley Cellular, Inc.
Copper Valley Telephone, Inc.
Coral Wireless, LLC
Cordova Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Cordova Wireless Communications, Inc.
Core Communications, Inc.
Coretel, Inc.
Corn Belt Communications, Inc.
Corn Belt Telephone Co.
Cornerstone Communications, LLC
Cornerstone Telephone Company, LLC
Corr Wireless Communications, LLC
COTC Connections (Central Cellular, Inc.)
Council Grove Telephone Co.
Covista, Inc.
Cox Telcom, Inc.
Cozad Telephone Co.
CP Telecom Inc.
CP-Tel Network Services, Inc.
Craigville Telephone Co., Inc.
Craw - Kan Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
CRC Communications of Maine, Inc.
Cricket Communications, Inc.
Crocker Telecommunications, LLC
Crockett Telephone Co., Inc.
Cross Communications
Cross-valliant Cellular Partnership
Crosslake Telephone Co.
Crossroads Wireless, Inc.
Crossville Telephone Co.
Crown Cellular & Paging
Crown Point Telephone Corp.
Crystal Communications, Inc
CS Technologies, Inc.
CSM Wireless, LLC
CSSI (Communications Sales & Services, Inc.)
CT Communications Network, Inc.
CTC Communications Corp.
CTC Exchange Services, Inc.
CTC Telecom, Inc.
CTSI, Inc.
Cuba City Telephone Exchange Co., Inc.
Cumberland Cellular Partnership
Cumberland Telephone Co.
Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Cunningham Communications, Inc.
Cunningham Telephone Co., Inc.
Curatel, LLC
Curtis Telephone Co.
Custer Telephone Broadband Services LLC
Custer Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Cyber Mesa Computer Systems, Inc.
Cygnus Telecommunications Corporation, Inc.
Cypress Telecommunications Corporation
D-tel LLC
D2 Wireless, Inc.
Dakota Central Telecom, Inc.
Dakotacomm, LLC
Daktel Communications, LLC
Dallas Nextfone Systems, Inc.
Dalton (BD of Water, Light & Sinking Fund Comm)
Dalton Telephone Co.
Danville Mutual Telephone Co.
Darien Telephone Co., Inc.
Data Express, Inc.
Data Page, Inc.
Data Paging, Inc.
Davidson Telecom, LLC
Daystar Comm (The Ultimate Connection LC)
Daystarr, LLC
Daytona Telephone Company
DCSI Corporation
Decatur Telephone Co.
Deerfield Farmers Telephone Co.
Dekalb Telephone Cooperative
Del Telcorp Inc.
Delcambre Telephone Co.
Delhi Telephone Co.
Delta County Telemm, Inc.
Delta Telepage, Inc.
Delta Telephone Co., Inc.
Deltacom, Inc.
Denali Spectrum License, LLC
Deposit Telephone Co., Inc.
DFT Select One (DFT Local Service Corp.)
Dial-a-beeper, Inc.
Dialog Telecommunications, Inc.
Dickey Rural Networks
Dickeyville Telephone Corp.
Digi-page, LLP
Digicomm Communications, Inc.
Digital Agent, LLC
Digital Connections, Inc.
Digital Network Access Communications, Inc.
Digital Telecommunications, Inc.
Digitalipvoice, Inc.
Diller Telephone Co.
Direct Communication Cedar Valley, LLC
Direct Communications Rockland, Inc.
Dixienet Communications, LLC
Dixon Telephone Co.
Dixville Telephone Co.
DMR Communications Inc.
Dobson Telephone Co.
Dovetel Communications, LLC
Doylestown Telephone Co.
Drenthe Telephone Co.
DSL Internet Corporation
DSLNET Communications VA, Inc.
Dubois Telephone Exchange, Inc.
Ducor Telephone Co.
Dumont Telephone Co.
Dunbarton Telephone Company
Dunkerton Telephone Cooperative
Dunkirk & Fredonia Telephone Co.
Dunnell Telephone Co., Inc.
Duo County Telecom (Cumberland Cell, Inc.)
Duo County Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
E-Tel, LLC
E.Com Technologies, LLC
E.N.M.R. Telephone Cooperative
Eagle Communications, Inc.
Eagle Telephone System, Inc.
Eagle Valley Telephone Co.
East Ascension Telephone Company, LLC
East Buchanan Telephone Cooperative
East Otter Tail Telephone Co.
East Ritter Telephone Co.
East Tennessee Network, LLC
Eastcoast Telecom, Inc.
Eastern Nebraska Telephone Co.
Eastern Oregon Telecom, LLC
Eastern Radio (Matthews Radio Service, Inc.)
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Association, Inc.
Eastern Sub-rsa Limited Partnership
Eastex Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Easy Telephone Services Company
Easytel Communications Carrier Corporation
Eckles Telephone Co.
Edigen, Inc.
Edwards Telephone Co., Inc.
Egyptian Telephone Cooperative Association
El Paso Telephone Co.
Elbert County Wireless, LLC
Electra Telephone Co. , Inc.
Electric & Water Plant Board of City of Frankfort
Electric Power Board of Chattanooga
Electronet Intermedia Consulting, Inc.
Electronic Engineering Company
Element Mobile (WI RSA #7 LP)
Eliska Wireless Ventures Subsidiary I, LLC
Elizabeth Telephone Co.
Elkhart Telephone Co., Inc.
Ellensburg Telephone Co.
Ellerbe Telephone Co., Inc.
Ellijay Telephone Co.
Ellington Telephone Co.
Ellsworth Cooperative Telephone Assn.
Elsie Communications, Inc.
Eltopia Communications, LLC
Emery Telecom
Emily Cooperative Telephone Co.
Empire One Telecommunications, Inc.
Empire Telephone Corp.
Endeavor Communications (Clay Country Rural Tel Co
Engage Comm (Protection Plus The FL Keys)
Enhanced Telecomm Co (Miles Communications Inc.)
Enventis Telecom, Inc.
Eschelon Telecom, Inc.
Essex Telcom, Inc.
ETC Communications, LLC
Etex Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
ETS Telephone Company, Inc.
Eureka Telecom, Inc.
Exop of Missouri, Inc.
F&B Communications, Inc.
Fairfield Communications, Inc.
Fairpoint Communications
Falcon Broadband, Inc.
Farber Telephone Co.
Farmers & Merchants Mutual Telephone Co.
Farmers Cooperative Telephone Co.
Farmers Independent Telephone Co.
Farmers Mutual Telephone Co.
Farmers Telecommunications, Inc.
Farmers Telephone Co.
Fastads, Inc.
Fasttrack Communications, Inc.
FBN Indiana, Inc.
FDN Comms (Southern Digital Network, Inc.)
FEC Communications, LLP
Federated Telephone Cooperative
Felton Telephone Co., Inc.
Fenton Cooperative Telephone Co.
Fibercom, L.C.
Fibernet Monticello
Fibernet, LLC
Fidelity Cablevision, Inc.
Fidelity Communication Services, Inc.
Fidelity Telephone Co.
Filer Mutual Telephone Co.
Finger Lakes Technologies Group, Inc.
First Communications, LLC
Firstdigital Telecom, LLC
Fisher Wireless Services, Inc.
Fishers Island Telephone Cooperative
Fitch, F. Cary
Five Area Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Five Star Wireless
Flat Rock Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Flat West Wireless, LLC
Flat Wireless, LLC
Florida Consolidated Multi-media Svcs, Inc.
Florida Digital Network
Foothills Rural Telephone Cooperative Corp.
Foremost Telecom (Netspan Corporation)
Foresthill Telephone Co., Inc. (Interlink Adv Svc)
Fort Jennings Telephone Co.
Fort Mill Telephone Co.
Fort Mojave Telecom, Inc.
Fox Communications Corporation
Franklin Telephone Co.
Fred Burg Communications, Inc.
Free Beeper, Inc.
Freedom Ring Communications, LLC
Fremont Telcom Co
Fretel Communications, LLC
Fromm Services, Inc
Frontier Communications (Citizens Telecom Co.)
Frontier Communications Co.
Frontier Rhinelander Tel (Rhinelander Tel LLC)
FTC Diversified Services, Inc.
Full Service Computing Corporation
Fullnet Advanced Communications, Inc.
Fulltel, Inc.
Fulton Telephone Co., Inc.
Future Comm (MPF, Inc.)
Gabriel Wireless, LLC
Gafachi Telecom-NY, Inc.
Ganado Telephone Co., Inc.
Garden Valley Telephone Co.
Gardonville Cooperative Telephone Assn.
GBT Communications, Inc.
GCEC Technologies
GCR Telecommunications, Inc.
Geetingsville Telephone Co., Inc.
General Communication (GCI Communication Corp.)
General Communications & Electronics Corp.
Geneseo Telephone Co.
Genesis Telecommunications, LLC
Georgetown Telephone Co.
Georgia Business Net Telecommunications, LLC
Geotek Communications, Inc.
Germantown Independent Telephone Co.
Germantown Telephone Co., Inc.
Gervais Telephone Co.
Giant Communications, Inc.
Gila Local Exchange Carrier, Inc.
Gila River Telecomm, Inc.
Glandorf Telephone Company, Inc.
Glasford Telephone Co.
Glenwood Telephone Co.
Global Crossing Local Services, Inc.
Global Crossing Telemanagement, Inc.
Global Data Systems, Inc.
Global Naps, Inc.
Global Telecom Brokers (VDL, Inc.)
Global Valley Networks
Globalcom, Inc.
Globalstar USA, Inc.
Globe Telecommunications, Inc.
Gold Radio Group, LLC
Gold Star Communications, LLC
Golden Belt Telephone Association, Inc.
Golden State (California RSA No. 3 Partnership)
Golden West Telecommunications
Goldfield Access Network, L.C.
Goldfield Telephone Co.
Goldstar Communications, LLC
Goodman Telephone Co.
Gorham Telephone Co., Inc.
Grafton Technologies, Inc.
Grafton Telephone Co.
Granada Telephone Co.
Granby Telephone Co.
Grand Mound Cooperative Telephone Assn.
Grand River Mutual Telephone Co.
Grand Telephone Co., Inc.
Grand Valley Internet, Inc.
Grande Communications Networks, Inc.
Grandview Mutual Telephone Co.
Granite State Telephone, Inc.
Grantland Telecom, Inc.
Great Lakes Communication Corp.
Great Plains Broadband, Inc.
Great Plains Communications, Inc.
Great West Services, Ltd.izona
Green Hills Telecom Services
Green Hills Telephone Corp.
Greenway Communications LLC
Grid 4 Communications, Inc.
Gridley Telephone Co.
Griggs County Telephone Co.
Griswold Cooperative Telephone Co.
Grucom (Gainesville Regional Utilities)
Grundy Center Communications Utility
GSC Telecommunications, Inc.
GTC, Inc.
Guadalupe Valley Communications Sytems, LP
Guadalupe Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Gulfcoast Paging Inc.
Gulfpines Communications LLC
Gunnison Telephone Co.
Guthrie Telecommunications Network Inc.
H & B Cable Service, Inc.
H & B Communications, Inc.
Hager Telecom, Inc.
Halo Wireless, Inc
Halstad Telephone Company
Hamilton County Telephone Co-op
Hamilton Telephone Co.
Hampden Telephone Co.
Hancock Communications, Inc.
Hanksville Telcom, Inc.
Happy Valley Telephone Co.
Harbor Communications, LLC
Hardy Telecommunications, Inc.
Hargray, Inc.
Harlan Municipal Utility
Harmony Telephone Co.
Harrisonville Telephone Co.
Hart Telephone Co.
Hartington Telecommunications, Co.
Hartland & St. Albans Telephone Co.
Hartman Telephone Exchange, Inc.
Hat Island Telephone Co.
Haviland Telephone Co., Inc.
Hawaiian Telcom, Inc.
Hawaiian Wireless
Hawarden Municipal Utilities
Hawkeye Telephone Co.
Haxtun Telephone Co.
Hayneville Fiber Transport, Inc.
Hayneville Telephone Co., Inc.
Heart of Iowa Communications Cooperative
Heart of Iowa Ventures, LLC
Helix Telephone Co.
Helmsco Inc.
Hemingford Cooperative Telephone Co.
Henderson Cooperative Telephone Co.
Henry County Telephone Co.
Heritage Telco (Doylestown Comms, Inc.)
Hershey Cooperative Telephone Co.
Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Inc.
Hiawatha Telephone Co.
Hickory Telephone Co.
Highland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Hill Country Telecommunications, LLC
Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Hillsboro Telephone Co., Inc.
Hinton Telephone Co. of Hinton Oklahoma, Inc.
Hollis Telephone Company, Inc.
Holway Telephone Co.
Home Communications, Inc.
Home Telecom, LLC
Home Telephone Co.
Home Telephone ILEC, LLC
Home Town Telephone, LLC
Hood Canal Telephone Co.
Hooper Telephone Co.
Hopi Telecommunications Incorporated
Hopper Telecommunications LLC
Horizon Services, Inc.
Hornitos Telephone Co.
Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Hospers Telephone Exchange, Inc.
Hosting-network, Inc.
Hot Springs Telephone Co.
HTC Communications (Advanced Telephone Systems Inc
Hubbard Cooperative Telephone Association
Humboldt Telephone Company
Humphreys County Telephone Co.
Hunt Telecommunications, LLC
Huntel Comms
Hutchinson Telecommunications, Inc.
Hutchinson Telephone Co.
Huxley Communications Cooperative
Hypercube Telecom, LLC
I570Elero Apache Telecom, Inc.
Iamo Telephone Co.
IBC Telecom Corp.
ICG Choice Com, LP
ICG Telecom Group
Icon Telecom, Inc.
Ideaone Teleocm, Inc.
IDS Telcom LLC
IDT America Corp
Illinois Consolidated Telephone Co.
Illinois Valley Cellular
Immix Wireless (Keystone Wireless, LLC)
Imon Communications, LLC
In-touch Comm (Air & Wire Network Comm Inc.)
Independence Telecommunications Utility
Independent Cellular Network, Inc.
Independent Networks, LLC
Indiana Paging Network
Indianhead Telephone Co.
Indigital Telecom (Communications Venture Corp.)
Indigo Wireless, Inc.
Industry Telephone Co.
Infinite Communication, LLC
Info Page
Infotelecom, LLC
Inland Telephone Co.
Innotech Corporation
Insidemycity, LLC
Insight Phone, LLC
Instant Page, Inc.
Integra Telecom
Intelleq Communications Corporation
Inter-community Telephone Company, LLC
Interactive Networks Corporation
Interbel Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Interior Telephone Co., Inc.
Intermedia Communications Inc.
International Telcom, Ltd.
Internet Solver, Inc.
Interstate Communications
Interstate Telecom. Coop., Inc.
Inventive Technology, Ltd.
Ionex Communications South, Inc.
Iowa Network Services, Inc.
Iowa Wireless Services, LP
Ironton Telephone Co.
Island Page, Inc.
Island Telephone Co.
ITS Telecommunications Systems, Inc.
J.B.N. Telephone Co., Inc.
Jackson Energy Authority
Jackson Mobilphone Company, Inc.
Jaguar Communications, Inc.
James Valley Cooperative Telephone Company
Jefferson Telephone Co.
Johnson Telephone Co.
Jordan-soldier Valley Telephone Company
Joseph B. McNeal
JSM Tele-page Inc.
K & M Telephone Company
K L M Telephone Company
K M P Telephone Company
K.T.W. International Corp
Kalama Telephone Company
Kaleva Telephone Company
Kalida Telephone Company, Inc.
Kalona Cooperative Telephone Co.
Kanokla Telephone Association
Kansas Personal Communication Services, Ltd
Kaplan Telephone Company
Kasson & Mantorville Telephone Co.
Kearsarge Telephone Co.
Kennebec Telephone Co.
Kentucky Cellular General Partnership
Kerman Telephone Co.
Ketchikan Public Utilities, Telephone Division
Keystone - Arthur Telephone Company
Keystone Farms Cooperative Telephone Company
Killduff Telephone Company
Kinex Telecom, Inc.
Kingdom Telephone Company
Kinsman Mutual Telephone Company
Knology, Inc.
La Harpe Telephone Co., Inc.
La Jicarita Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
La Motte Telephone Company
La Porte City Telephone Company
La Valle Telephone Cooperative
La Ward Telephone Exchange, Inc.
Lackawaxen Telecommunications Services, Inc.
Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government
Lafourche Telephone Company
Laharpe Telephone Company
Lake Livingston Telephone Company
Lakefield Communications, Inc.
Lakefield Telephone Company
Lakeland Telecom, Inc.
Lakeside Telephone Co., Inc.
Lancaster Telephone Company
Lathrop Telephone Company
Laurel Highland Telephone Co.
Laurens Municipal Communications Utility
Lavaca Telephone Co.
LCW Wireless License, LLC
LDMI (Long Distance of Michigan, Inc.)
Le - Ru Telephone Company
Leaco Rural (New Mexico RSA6-III Partnership)
Leaco Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Leaf River Telephone Co.
Lee's Communications, LLC
Leflore Communications, Inc.
Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Assn.
Lemonweir Valley Telephone Co.
Lennon Telephone Co.
Lenox Municipal Communications Utility
Leonore Mutual Telephone Co.
Leslie County Telephone Co.
Level 3 Communications, LLC
Lewis River Telephone Company, Inc.
Lewisport Telephone Co., Inc.
Liberty Bell Telecom, LLC
Liberty Telecom LLC
Lightbound (HRS Internet, LLC)
Lightship Telecom, LLC
Lightspeed Telecom, LLC
Lightwave Communications, LLC
Ligonier Telephone Company, Inc.
Lincoln County Telephone System, Inc.
Lincoln Telephone Company, Inc.
Lincolnville Communications, Inc.
Lincolnville Telephone Co.
Lipan Telephone Co.
Lismore Cooperative Telephone Co.
Listen Telecom, Inc.
Litelco Communications, Inc.
Litestream Technologies, LLC
Little Miami Communications Corp.
Live Wire Networks, Inc.
Livingston Telephone Co.
Local Access Network, LLC
Local Access Prime, LLC
Local Exchange Carriers of Michigan, Inc.
Localtel (Computers 5, Inc.)
Lockhart Telephone Co., Inc.
Logan Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Logix Comm (Western Communications, Inc.)
Logix Communications Corporation
Lone Rock Cooperative Telephone Company
Long Lines Metro, LLC
Long Lines Siouxland, LLC
Long Lines Wireless, LLC
Lonsdale Telephone Co., Inc.
Loretel Systems, Inc.
Loretto Telephone Co., Inc.
Lost Nation - Elwood Telephone Company
Louisa Communications, L.c.
Louisiana Competitive Telecommunications, Inc.
LTDS (Local Telephone Data Services Corp.)
Luck Telephone Co.
Lucre, Inc.
Ludlow Telephone Co.
Lumos Telephone Inc.
Lumos Telephone of Botetourt Inc.
Lynnville Community Telephone Co., Inc.
Mabel Cooperative Telephone Co.
Madison County Telephone Co., Inc.
Madison Telephone Co.
Magazine Telephone Co.
Maguire Electronics
Mahanoy & Mahantongo Telephone Co.
Mahaska Communication Group, LLC
Maine Telephone Company
Mainepcs LLC
Mainstreet Communications LLC
Managed Telecom, Inc.
Manawa Telephone Co., Inc.
Manchester - Hartland Telephone Co.
Manning Municipal Comm and Telvsn Sys Ut
Manti Tele Communications Company, Inc.
Manti Telephone Co.
Map Mobile Communications, Inc.
Mapleton Communications Utility
Margaretville Telephone Co., Inc.
Mariannaenery Hill Telephone Co.
Mark Twain Communications Company
Mark Twain Rural Telephone Co.
Marne & Elk Horn Telephone Co.
Marquette - Adams Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Marseilles Telephone Co. of Marseilles
Martelle Cooperative Telephone Association
Mashell Telecom, Inc.
Massena Telephone Co.
Matanuska Telephone Association, Inc.
Maxcess, Inc.
MBC Telecom, LLC
MCC Telephony, LLC
McClellanville Telephone Co., Inc.
McClure Telephone Co.
McCook Cooperative Telephone Company
McDaniel Telephone Co.
McDonald County Telephone Co.
McDonough Telephone Cooperative
MCI Worldcom Communications, Inc
MCImetro Access Transmission Services LLC
McLeodUSA Telecommunications Services, Inc.
McLoud Telephone Co.
McNabb Telephone Co.
Mechanicsville Telephone Co.
Mediacom Telephony of Illinois, LLC
Mediapolis Telephone Co.
Medicine Park Telephone Co.
Megaclec, Inc.
Megagate Broadband, Inc.
Melrose Telephone Co.
Merchants & Farmers Telephone Co.
Merrimac Communications, Ltd.
Merrimack County Telephone Co.
Mescalero Apache Telecom, Inc.
Metamora Telephone Co.
Metro Beeper Service, Inc.
Metro Communication Services (Anserphone of Natche
Metro PCS, Inc.
Metro Southwest PCS, LLP
Metro-page (Mid-State Electronics, Inc.)
Metropolitan Telecommunications
Metrostat Communications, Inc.
Mettel (Manhattan Telecomm of NJ)
MFG Services, Inc.
MGW Networks, LLC
MH Telecom, Inc.
Michtel Communications LLC
Microtech-Tel (Iloka, Inc.)
Mid-America Telephone, Inc.
Mid-Century Telephone Cooperative
Mid-Hudson Communications, Inc.
Mid-Maine Communications (Mid-Maine Telplus)
Mid-Maine Telecom, LLC
Mid-Missouri Telephone Co.
Mid-Pains Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Mid-Plains Telephone, Inc.
Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Mid-State Paging Inc.
Mid-Tex Cellular Ltd.
Midcontinent Communications
Middle Point Home Telephone Co.
Middleburgh Telephone Co.
Midstate Communications, Inc.
Midstate Telecom, Inc.
Midstate Telephone Co.
Midvale Telephone Exchange, Inc.
Midway Telephone Co.
Midwest Telecom of America, Inc.
Midwest Telephone Co.
Mikrotec Communications (Inter Mountain Cable)
Mikrotec of Virginia, LLC
Miles Cooperative Telephone Association
Millennium Networks, LLC
Miller Telephone Co., Inc.
Millington Telephone Co., Inc.
Millry Telephone Co.
Milltown Mutual Telephone Co.
Minburn Telecommunications, Inc.
Minburn Telephone Co.
Minerva Valley Telephone Co., Inc.
Minet (Monmouth Independence Network)
Minford Telephone Co.
Minnesota Valley Telephone Co., Inc.
Mississippi Power Company
Missouri Telecom, Inc.
Missouri Valley Communications, Inc.
Mitchell Telecom (Sancom, Inc.)
MO - Kan Dial, Inc.
Moapa Valley Telephone Co.
Mobile Communication Service, Inc.
Mobile Communications Svc of Bowling Green Inc
Mobile Electronics, Inc.
Mobile Partners Corporation
Mobilfone (Mobile Radio Communications)
Mobius Communications Company
Modern Communications of Greenville, Ms, Inc.
Modern Cooperative Telephone Co.
Molalla Telephone Co.
Momentum Telecom, Inc.
Mon - Cre Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Monarc Technologies, LLC
Monitor Cooperative Telephone Co.
Monmouth Telephone & Telegraph Inc.
Monon Telephone Co., Inc.
Monroe Telephone Co.
Montana Opticom, LLC
Montrose Mutual Telephone Co.
Moore & Liberty Telephone Co.
Moraine Radio
Mosaic Networx, LLC
Mosinee Telephone Co.
Moultrie Independent Telephone Co.
Mound Bayou Telephone and Communications, Inc.
Moundridge Telephone Co.
Moundville Telephone Co.
Mountain Rural Telephone Cooperative
Mountain Telecommunications, Inc.
Mountain View Telephone Co.
Mountainet Telephone Company
Mpower Communications Corp
Mpower Networks Services Inc.
MPW Paging (The Great American Enterprise)
Mt Rushmore Telephone Co (Fort Randall Telco)
Mt. Angel Telephone Co.
Mt. Horeb Telephone Co.
Mt. Vernon Telephone Co.
MTC Communications, Inc.
MTCO Communications, Inc.
MTE Paging Network (MTE, Inc.)
Mud Lake Telephone Cooperative Assoication, Inc.
Mukluk Telephone Co., Inc.
Mulberry Cooperative Telephone Co., Inc.
Multi-Channel Sys
Multiple Ocn Listing
Mutual Telephone Co.
Myrtle Telephone Co., Inc.
N.E. Colorado Cellular, Inc.
NA Communications, Inc.
National Mobile Communications Corporation
National Telephone of Alabama, Inc.
Nationsline Delaware, Inc.
Native American Telecom, LLC
Navacore, LLC
Navajo Comm Co Inc.
Nebraska Central Telephone Co.
Nebraska Radio Telephone System, Inc.
Nebraska Technology & Telecommunications, Inc.
Neclec, LLC
Nehalem Tel & Tel (Nehalem Telecomms, Inc.)
Nelson - Ball Ground Telephone Co.
Nelson Telephone Cooperative
Nemont Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
NEP Cellcorp, Inc.
Net Lec, Inc.
Net, Inc.
Net-tel Corporation
Net/Town Telephone Corporation
Netcarrier Telecom, Inc.
Network Billing Systems, LC
Network Services LLC
Network Telephone Corporation
Neutral Tandem, LLC
Nevada Bell
Nevada Telephone, Inc.
New Castle Telephone Co.
New Dimension Wireless Ltd.
New Florence Telephone Co., Inc.
New Frontiers Telecommunications, Inc.
New Hope Tel Cooperative Long Distance, Inc.
New Hope Telephone Cooperative
New Knoxville Telephone Co.
New Lisbon Telephone Co., Inc.
New London Telephone Co.
New Paris Telephone, Inc.
New Talk Inc.
New ULM Telecom, Inc.
New Windsor Cable Tv, Inc.
New Windsor Telephone Co.
Newport Telephone Co., Inc.
Newroads Telecom (Vantage Telecom, LLC)
Nex-Tech Wireless, LLC
Nex-Tech, Inc.
Nexgen Integrated Communication, LLC
Next Gen Phone Systems, Inc.
Nextel Communications, Inc.
Nextera Communications, LLC
Nextgen Communications, LLC
Nextgen Telephone, Inc.
Nextwave Wireless (Nextwave Telecom, Inc.)
Nexus Communications, Inc.
Niagara Telephone Co.
Niagara Wireless, LLC
Nicholville Telephone Co., Inc.
Norcast Communications Corporation
Norfolk County Internet, Inc.
Nortex Comm (Muenster Telephone Corp. of Texas)
North - State Telephone Co
North Central Communications, Inc.
North Central Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
North Country Telephone Co.
North County Communications Corp.
North Dakota Telephone Co.
North Eastern Pennsylvania Telephone Co.
North English Cooperative Telephone Co.
North Penn Telephone Co.
North River Telephone Cooperative
North State Communications Advanced Svcs, LLC
North State Telephone Co
North Texas Telephone Co.
Northeast Florida Telephone Co., Inc.
Northeast Iowa Telephone Co.
Northeast Louisiana Telephone Co., Inc.
Northeast Missouri Rural Telephone Co.
Northeast Nebraska Telephone Co.
Northeast Telephone Co.
Northeast Wireless Networks, LLC
Northern Arkansas Telephone Co.
Northern Iowa Telephone Co.
Northern Telephone and Data Corp.
Northern Telephone Co. of Minnesota
Northern Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Northern Valley Communications, LLC
Northfield Telephone Co.
Northland Networks
Northland Telephone of Maine, Inc.
Northstar Technology, LLC
Northwest Communications Cooperative
Northwest Iowa Telephone, LLC
Northwest Missouri Cellular Limited Partnership
Northwest Telephone Cooperative Association
Northwestern Indiana Telephone Co., Inc.
Norway Telephone Co., Inc.
Nova Telephone Co.
Novacom, Inc.
Novus Communications, Inc.
Noxapater Telephone Co., Inc.
NSN Wireless, LP
NTCH, Inc.
nTelos Network Inc.
NTS Communications, Inc.
NTS Services Corp.
NTWS Digital Broadband, Inc.
Nucla-Naturita Telephone Company
Nunn Telephone Co.
Nushagak Electric & Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Nutel Comm, LLC
Nuvox Communications
Nwire, LLC
O1 Communications, Inc.
Oakman Telephone Co., Inc.
Oakwood Telephone Co.
Odin Telephone Exchange, Inc.
Ogden Telephone Co.
Ohio Telecom, Inc.
Oklahoma Communication System, Inc.
Oklahoma Telephone & Telegraph, Inc.
Oklahoma Western Telephone Company
Olin & Morley Telephone Co.
Omnipoint Communications, Inc.
Omnitel Communications, Inc.
One Call, LLC
One Eighty Communications, Inc.
One Point Technologies, Inc.
Oneeighty Networks, Inc.
Oneida County Rural Telephone Co.
Oneida Network Services, Inc.
Oneida Telephone Exchange
Onesource Comm. (Millennium Telcom, LLC)
Onslow Cooperative Telephone Association
Ontario Telephone Company, Inc.
Ontonagon County Telephone Co.
Onvoy, Inc.
Onwav, Inc.
Openband of Virginia, Inc.
Oran Mutual Telephone Co.
Orange City Communications, LLP
Orchard Farm Telephone Co.
Oregon Farmers Mutual Telephone Co.
Oregon Telephone Corp.
Oregonaho Utilities, Inc.
Oriskany Falls Telephone Corp.
Orlando Tel Co Affil With Orlando Bus Tel Systms
Orwell Telephone Co.
Osage Municipal Communications Utility
Osakis Telephone Co.
Otel Telekom, Inc.
Otelco Telephone LLC
Otter Tail Telcom, LLC
Ottoville Mutual Telephone Co.
OTZ Telecommunications, Inc.
OTZ Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Ovation Communications, Inc.
Oxford County Telephone & Telegraph Co.
Oxford Netwrks (Oxford Cnty Telephone Svc Co)
Oxford West Telephone Company
Ozark Telephone Co.
P.V. Tel, LLC
PAC - West Telecomm, Inc.
Pacific Bell
Pacific Centrex Services, Inc.
Pacific Telecom Communications Group
Pacific Wave Communications
Paetec Communications, Inc.
Page Express, Inc.
Page Plus, Inc.
Pagepro Corporation
Pager One of Florida, Inc.
Pagers Unlimited (Comm. Sales and Service)
Paging Tulsa, Inc.
Paging USA South, Inc.
Palmer Mutual Telephone Co.
Palmerton Telephone Co.
Palmetto Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Palmetto Telephone Communications, LLC
Palo Cooperative Telephone Association
Panhandle Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Panoptos, LLC
Panora Communications Cooperative
Park Region Mutual Telephone Co.
Partner Communications Cooperative
Pass Word, Inc.
Pathway Com-Tel, Inc.
Pathwayz Communications, Inc.
Pattersonville Telephone Co.
Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone Coop
PBT Communications, Inc.
PCS One (D&E/Omnipoint Wirel Joint Vent LP)
Peace Communications, LLC
Peace Valley Telephone Co., Inc.
Peerless Network, LLC
Peetz Cooperative Telephone Co.
Pembroke Telephone Cooperative
Penasco Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Pend Oreille Telephone Company
Peninsula Fiber Network, LLC
Peninsula Telecom of Washington, LLC
Peninsula Telephone Co.
Pennsylvania Telephone Co.
Peoples Mutual Telephone Co.
Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative Corp.
Peoples Telecommunications, LLC
Peoples Telephone Co.
Perkinsville Telephone Co.
Perry-Spencer Communications, Inc.
Personal Communication Network, Inc.
Personal Touch Communications, LP
Petrocom, Inc. (Petroleum Comm, Inc.)
PG Telecom Inc.
Phillips County Telephone Co.
Phone Michigan
Picus Communications, LLC
Piedmont Communications Services, Inc.
Piedmont Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Piedmont Telephone Membership Corp.
Pierce Telephone Co.
Pigeon Telephone Co.
Pine Belt Broadcasting
Pine Belt Cellular, Inc.
Pine Belt Telephone Co., Inc.
Pine Drive Telephone Co.
Pine Island Telephone Co.
Pine Telephone Co.
Pine Tree Telephone LLC
Pineland Telephone Communications, Inc.
Pineville Telephone Co.
Pinnacles Telephone Co.
Pinpoint Communications, Inc.
Pinpoint Wireless, Inc.
Pioneer Telephone Association, Inc.
Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Plains Cooperative Telephone Association, Inc.
Plainview Telephone Co., Inc.
Planet Telesis, Inc.
Plant Telenet, Inc.
Plant Telephone Co.
Planters Communications, LLC
Planters Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Plateau Telecommunications, Inc.
PNG Telecommunications Inc.
Pocket Communications, Inc
Point To Point Communications
Poka Lambro Telephone Company
Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corp.
Polar Telcom, Inc.
Polson Communitytel, Inc.
Ponderosa Telephone Co.
Popp Communications
Port Byron Telephone Co.
Porta-phone Div of John H. Phipps
Potlatch Telephone Co., Inc.
Pottawatomie Telephone Co.
Prairie Grove Telephone Co.
Prairie Telephone Co., Inc.
Prairieburg Telephone Co., Inc.
Preferred Networks, Inc.
Premier Communications, Inc.
Preston Telephone Co.
Price County Information Systems, Inc.
Price County Telephone Co.
Primelink, Inc.
Priority Paging, Inc.
Priorityone Telecommunications, Inc.
Prism Massachusetts Operations , LLC
Prism Operations, LLC
Pro Page Partners, LLC
Progressive Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Project Mutual Telephone Coop. Association, Inc.
Project Telephone Co., Inc.
Protecom Atlanta, Inc.
Proximity Mobility, LLC
Prtcommunications, LLC
PTC Communications (Town of Pineville)
Public Interest Network Services, Inc.
Public Service Telephone Co.
Pulaski - White Rural Telephone Coop., Inc.
PVT Networks, Inc.
Pymatuning Independent Telephone Co.
Qualstar Communications, Inc.
Quantum Telecommunications, Inc.
Quick Communications, Inc.
Quincy Telephone Co.
Qwest Communications Company, LLC
Qwest Corporation
R & B Network Inc.
R and G Distributors
Race Telecommunications, Inc.
Radcliffe Telephone Co., Inc.
Radio Communications Service (Ralph J Gonthier)
Radio-comm (RCC Inc.)
Radix Networks LLC
Ragland Telephone Co., Inc.
Rainbow Telecommunications Association, Inc.
Rainier Connect, Inc.
Ram Technologies, Inc.
Randolph Telephone Membership Corp.
Range Telecommunications
Range Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
RC Communications, Inc.
RCC Holdings, Inc.
RCN Telecom Services, Inc.
Re-invent Telecom, LLC
Readlyn Telephone Co.
Ready Telecom, Inc.
Reasnor Telephone Company, LLC
Red River Rural Tel Assn
Red-ban Communications, LLC
Redi-call Communications Co
Redwood County Telephone Co.
Reedsburg Utility Commission
Rei Comms (Rebound Enterprises, Inc.)
Reinbeck Municipal Telecommunications Utility
Reisenweaver Comm Inc
Reservation Telephone Cooperative
Reserve Telecomm (Reserve Long Dist Co)
Reserve Telephone Co., Inc.
Revol Wireless (Cleveland Unlimited, Inc.)
Reynolds Telephone Co., Inc.
Rice Belt Telephone Co.
Richland - Grant Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Richmond Networx (Richmond Connections Inc.)
Richmond Telephone Co.
Rico Telephone Co.
Ridgeville Telephone Company
Ridgeway Telephone Co., Inc.
Ringgold Telephone Co.
Ringsted Telephone Co.
Rio Communications, Inc.
Rio Virgin Telephone Co., Inc.
Ritter Communications, Inc. (E. Ritter Comms)
River Valley Telecommunications Coop.
Riverside Telcom, Inc.
Riviera Telephone Co., Inc.
RNK, Inc.
Roanoke Telephone Co., Inc.
Roberts County Telephone Cooperative Assn.
Rochester Telephone Co., Inc.
Rock County Telephone Co.
Rock Hill Telephone Co.
Rock Port Telephone Co.
Rockwell Cooperative Telephone Association
Roggen Telephone Cooperative Co.
Ronan Telephone Co.
Rondall Lawrence
Roome Telecommunications, Inc.
Roosevelt County Rural Telephone Coop., Inc.
Rothsay Telephone Co., Inc.
Round Up City Telecom, LLC
Routepoint Comm II (Cibolo Creek Ventures, LLC)
Royal Telephone Co.
RT Communications
RTC Communications (Daviess Martin Cty Rurl Tel)
RTC Communications Corp.
RTC Solutions, Inc.
Ruddata Corporation
Runestone Telephone Association
Rural Cellular Corporation
Rural Network Services, Inc.
Rural Telephone Co.
Rural Telephone Service Co., Inc.
Ruthven Telephone Exchange Co.
Rye Telephone Co., Inc.
Rystec, Inc
S & A Telephone Co., Inc.
S & T Telephone Cooperative Association
S & W Telephone Co., Inc.
S-Go Local (S-Go Leasing Company)
S.M.R. Systems, Inc.
Sac County Mutual Telephone Co.
Saco River Telephone LLC
Sacred Heart Telephone Co.
Sacred Wind Communications, Inc.
Saddleback Communications Company
Sagebrush Cellular, Inc.
Sagir, Inc.
Salem Telephone Co.
Salina - Spavinaw Telephone Co.
Salsgiver Telecom, Inc.
Saluda Mountain Telephone Co.
San Carlos Apache Telecommunications Utility, Inc.
San Isabel Telecom, Inc.
Sand Creek Telephone Co.
Sandhill Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Sandwich Isles Communication, Inc.
Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Santel Communications Cooperative, Inc.
Satellink Paging, Inc.
Saturn Telecommunication Services, Inc.
SBC Internet Services, Inc.
Scandinavia Telephone Co.
Scarsdale Security Systems, Inc.
Schaller Telephone Co.
Schuylkill Mobile Fone, Inc.
Scio Mutual Telephone Association
Scott County Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Scranton Telephone Co.
SCS Communications and Security, Inc.
SCtelcom (South Central Wireless, Inc.)
SE Acquisitions, LLC
Searsboro Telephone Co., Inc.
Secom Co (Southeast Colorado Power Assoc Inc-)
Securesyscom, Inc.
Sei Data, Inc.
Select Connect Communications, LLC
Seneca Telephone Co.
Service Electric Telephone, Inc.
Service Telephone Co.
Servpac Incorporated
Sharon Telephone Co.
Sharp Communications Inc.
Shawnee Telephone Co.
Sheets Communications
Shell Rock Communications, Inc.
Shellsburg Cablevision, Inc.
Shenandoah Telephone Co.
Shentel Communications Company
Shentel Converged Services of West Virginia
Sherburne County Rural Telephone Co.
Sherwood Mutual Telephone Association, Inc.
Shiawassee Telephone Co.
Shidler Telephone Co.
Shoreham Telephone LLC
SI Wireless, LLC
Sidney Telephone Co.
Sierra Communications, Inc.
Sierra Telephone Co., Inc.
Sigecom, LLC
Silver Star Communications (Columbine Telco)
Silver Star Telephone Co., Inc.
SIP Interchange Corporation
Siren Telephone Co., Inc.
Siskiyou Telephone Co.
SKT, Inc.
Skybest Communications, Inc.
Skyline Telecom Company
Sledge Telephone Co., Inc.
Sleepy Eye Telephone Co.
Slic Network Solutions, Inc.
Smart Call, LLC
Smart City Comm.
Smart City Telecom LLC
Smart PCS (Banana Communications Ventures, LLC)
Smartcom Telephone LLC
Smithville Comm., Inc
Smithville Digital, LLC
Smithville Telephone Co., Inc.
Snowcrest Telephone, Inc -ca
Socket Telecom LLC
Socket Telecom, LLC
Sodtown Telephone Co.
Solarity Communications LLC
Somerset Telephone Co.
South Arkansas Telephone Co., Inc.
South Canaan Cellular Communications Company, LP
South Canaan Telephone Co.
South Carolina Net, Inc.
South Central Comm-Telcom Services, LLC
South Central Communications, Inc.
South Central Rural Telephone Coop. Corp, Inc.
South Central Telcom, LLC
South Central Telephone Association, Inc.
South Central Utah Telephone Association, Inc.
South Dakota Network, LLC
South Park Tel Co
South Plains Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
South Slope Cooperative Telephone Company
South Texas Paging
Southeast Mississippi Telephone Co.
Southeast Nebraska Communications, Inc.
Southeast Telephone Co. of Wisconsin, Inc.
Southeastern Indiana Rural Telephone Coop., Inc.
Southeastern Services, Inc.
Southern Communications Services
Southern Kansas Telephone Co., Inc.
Southern Lec (JCM Networking, Inc.)
Southern Michigan Cellular Company
Southern Montana Telephone Co.
Southern New England Telephone Co.
Southern Ohio Communication Services, Inc.
Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Southwest Michigan Communications, Inc.
Southwest Minnesota Broadband Services
Southwest Oklahoma Telephone Co.
Southwest Paging Corporation
Southwest Telephone Exchange, Inc.
Southwest Texas Telephone Co.
Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
Southwestern Telephone Co.
Spencer Municipal Communications Utility
SPJ, Inc.
Spotlight Media Corporation
Spring Grove Communications
Spring Valley Telephone Co., Inc.
Springboard Telecom, LLC
Springport Telephone Co.
Springville Cooperative Telephone Assn., Inc.
Sprint Communications Company, LP
Sprint Spectrum LP
Spruce Knob Seneca Rocks Telephone Co.
SRT Communications, Inc.
SRT Wireless (North Dakota Network Co)
SStelecom, Inc.
St John Telephone Co.
St Paul Cooperative Telephone Association
St Stephen Telephone Co.
St. Olaf College
Standard Electronics
Standing Rock Telecommunications, Inc.
Standish Telephone Co.
Stanton Telecom Inc.
Star Cellular (Saco River Cell Tel Co)
Star Net Paging, Inc.
Star Telephone Co., Inc.
Star Telephone Membership Corp.
Starbuck Telephone Co.
Starpower Communications, LLC
State Long Distance Telephone Co.
State Telephone Co.
Stayton Cooperative Telephone Co.
Steelville Telephone Exchange, Inc.
Stelle Telephone Co.
Stockbridge & Sherwood Telephone Co.
Stockholm - Strandburg Telephone Co.
Stoneham Cooperative Telephone Co.
Stoutland Telephone Co.
Stpcs Joint Venture, LLC
Strasburg Telephone Co.
Strata Networks (UBTA-UBET Communications, Inc.)
Stratford Mutual Telephone Co.
Stratos Offshore Services Company
Stratus Wave Comm LLC (Gateway Telecom LLC)
STX Wireless License, LLC
Sugar Valley Telephone Co.
Sully Telephone Association
Summit Telephone
Sunflower Telephone Co., Inc.
Sunman Telecommunications Corporation
Super-net, Inc.
Superior Communications Technology Corp.
Superior Telephone Cooperative
Supra Telecommunications & Information Systems FL
Surewest Kansas Licenses, LLC
Surewest Telephone
Surry Telephone Membership Corp.
Swayzee Telephone Co., Inc.
Sweetser Rural Telephone Co., Inc.
Swisher Telephone Co.
Sycamore Telephone Co.
Syringa Networks, LLC
Syringa Wireless, LLC
T-Mobile USA
T.K.O. Communications, Inc.
T2 Communications, LLC
T3 Communications, Inc.
Table Top Telephone Co., Inc.
Taconic Telephone Corp.
Talk America Inc.
Tallahassee Telephone Exchange, Inc.
Tallgrass Communications, Inc.
Tandem Telephone, Inc.
Tatum Telephone Co.
Taylor Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TC Service, Inc.
TC Systems, Inc.
TC3 Telecom, Inc.
Tcast Communications, Inc.
TCG, Inc.
TCT West, Inc.
TDPC, Inc.
TDS Metrocom Inc.
Tec of Jackson, Inc.
Tech Com, Inc.
Teepage Inc. Communications
Tekstar Communications, Inc.
Telalaska Cellular, Inc.
Telcentris Communications, LLC
Telcove, Inc.
Telebeeper of New Mexico
Telecom North America Mobile Inc
Telecom Services of The Lowcountry, LLC
Telekenex (CF Communications, LLC)
Telemaxx Communications, LLC
Telenational Communications, Inc.
Telengy LLC
Telepage Communication Systems, Inc
Telepak Networks, Inc.
Telephone One, Inc.
Telephone Service Co.
Teleport Communications Group, Inc.
Telequality Communications, Inc.
Telergy Joint Venture
Telescan, Inc.
Telestride, LLC
Teletec Communications
Teletouch Communications, Inc.
Telewise, LLC
Teliax Colorado
Teligent, Inc.
Tellico Telephone Co., Inc.
Telnet Worldwide, Inc.
Telnet-WI, LLC
Telovations, Inc.
Telscape Communicatons, Inc.
Telspirion USA, LLC
Telstar Communications Inc
Teltrust Corporation
Templeton Telephone Co.
Tenino Telephone Co.
Tennessee Telephone Co.
Tenney Telephone Co.
Terra Nova Telecom, Inc.
Terral Telephone Co
Terril Telephone Cooperative
Tex-link Communications, Inc.
Texacom Corporation
Texas Communications, Inc.
Texas Hearing Services
Texas Instruments, Inc.
Thacker/Grigsby Telephone Co.
The Champaign Telephone Company
The Easton Telephone Company
The El Paso County Telephone Company
The Telephone Connection Local Services, LLC
The Telephone Connection of Los Angeles, Inc.
Three River Communications, LLC
Three River Telephone Company
Thumb Cellular LP
Tidalwave Telephone Inc.
Tidewater Telecom, Inc.
Tim Ron Enterprises, LLC
Time Warner Cable Information Services
Time Warner Communications
Time Warner Telecom
Tipton Telephone Co., Inc.
Titonka Tel. Co.
TMP Corp.
Tohono O'odham Utility Authority
Toledo Telephone Co., Inc.
Tonica Telephone Co.
Topsham Communications, LLC
Topsham Telephone Co.
Totah Communications, Inc.
Total Communication Systems (Kinder, Robert A.)
Total Connect!
Total Telecommunications Services, Inc.
Totelcom Communications, LLC
Touch Tone Interactive, Inc.
Township Telephone Co., Inc.
Tracy Corporation II
Transamerica Communications Technologies, Inc.
Transbeam, Inc.
Transit Communications Usa, LP
Transscades Telephone Co.
Transtelco, Inc.
Trenton Telephone Co.
Tri Tel, Inc.
Tri-county Telcom, Inc.
Triangle Telephone Cooperative Assn., Inc.
Trinity International Inc
Trinsic Communications (Matrix Telecom, Inc)
Triunty Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Troy Cablevision, Inc.
Trumansburg Telephone Co.
Truvista Communications of Georgia, LLC
TSC Communications, Inc.
TSS Digital Services, LCC
Tularosa Basin Telephone Co., Inc.
Tularosa Communications, Inc.
Turtle Mountain Communications
TW Telecom LLC
Twin Lakes Communications, Inc.
Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corp.
Twin Valley - Ulen Telephone Co., Inc.
Twin Valley Communications, Inc.
Twin Valley Telephone, Inc.
Two-way Radio Incorporation
U.S. Cellular
U.S. Link, Inc.
U.S. Metropolitan Telecom, LLC
U.S. Telepacific Corp.
Uintah Basin Electronic Telecommunications
Unicom Paging Network of Texas, Inc.
Unicom, Inc.
Union River Telephone Co.
Union Springs Telephone Co., Inc.
Union Telephone Co.
United Cellular & Paging, Inc.
United Farmers Telephone Co.
United States Cel MD (USCOC of Cumberland, Inc.)
United Systems Access Telecom, Inc.
United Utilities, Inc.
United Wireless Communications, Inc.
United-kuc, Inc.
Unitel Corporation
Unity Telephone Co., Inc.
Universal Telecommunications, Inc.
Universalcom FL (Newsouth Communications, Inc.)
University Telcom, Inc.
Upper Peninsula Telephone Co.
Upsala Cooperative Telephone Association
US LEC Communications, Inc.
USA Mobility Wireless, Inc.
Usfon, Inc.
Utelco, Inc.
Utex Communications Corp.
Utility Telephone, Inc.
Val-ed Joint Venture, LLP
Valley Communications of Moses Lake, Inc.
Valley Connections, LLC
Valley Telephone Cooperative
Valliant Telephone Company
Valu Tel Communications, Inc.
Valu-net LLC
Value Page, Inc.
Van Buren Telephone Co., Inc.
Van Horne Cooperative Telephone Company
Vanlue Telephone Co.
Vaughnsville Telephone Co., Inc.
Vaya Telecom, Inc.
Velocity Networks of Kentucky, Inc.
Velocity Telephone, Inc.
Ventura Telephone Co., Inc.
Venture Communications Cooperative
Venus Telephone Corp
Veracity Communications, Inc.
Verizon Inc.
Verizon Wireless
Vermont Telephone Co., Inc.
Vernon Communications, LLC
Vernon Telephone Co., Inc.
Versatel Communications
Villisca Farmers Telephone Co.
Viola Home Telephone Co.
Virginia Pcs Alliance, LC
Virginia Telephone Co.
Vistavox of Arkansas, Inc.
Voicestream GSM I, LLC
Volcano Telephone Co.
Volo Communications, Inc.
Volunteer First Services, Inc.
Voxbeam Telecommunications Inc.
VTX Telecom, LLC
W.T. Services, Inc.
Wabash Mutual Telephone Co.
Wabash Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Waitsfield - Fayston Telephone Co.
Waldron Telephone Co.
Walnut Hill Telephone Co.
Walnut Telephone Company, Inc.
Wamego Telephone Co., Inc.
Wantel, Inc.
War Telephone LLC
Warm Springs Telecommunications Company
Warren Telephone Co.
Warwick Valley Mobile Telephone Company
Warwick Valley Telephone Company
Washington County Rural Telephone Coop., Inc.
Washington RSA No. 8 LP
Waunakee Telephone Co
Wauneta Telephone Co.
Wavecom Solutions Corporation
Waverly Hall Telephone, LLC
Weavtel (Westgate Communications, LLC)
Web Fire Communications, Inc.
Webb - Dickens Telephone Corp.
Webshoppe Communications, Inc.
Websterlhoun Cooperative Telephone Assn.
Wellman Cooperative Telephone Association
Wes - Tex Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Wes-tex Telecommunications, Inc.
West Carolina Communications, LLC
West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
West Central Cellular (CT Cube, LP)
West Central Telephone Association
West Iowa Telephone Co.
West Kentucky Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
West Liberty Telephone Co.
West Penobscot Telephone & Telegraph Co.
West Plains Telecommunications, Inc.
West Point Telephone Co., Inc.
West River Cooperative Telephone Company
West River Telecommunications Cooperative
West Side Telephone Co.
West Tennessee Telephone Co., Inc.
West Texas Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
West Wisconsin Telcom Cooperative, Inc.
Westar Communications Inc.
Westel, Inc.
Westelcom Network, Inc.
Western Iowa Telephone Association
Western New Mexico Telephone Co., Inc.
Western Telephone Co.
Western Wahkiakum County Telephone Co.
Westlink Communications, LLC
Westphalia Broadband, Inc.
Westphalia Telephone Co.
Westside Independent Telephone Co.
WH Link, LLC
Wheat State Telephone, Inc.
Whidbey Telephone Co.
Wichita Online, Inc.
Wide Voice, LLC
Wiggins Telephone Association
Wikstrom Telephone Company, Inc.
Wilderness Valley Telephone Company, Inc.
Wildflower Telecommunications, LLC
Wilkes Communications
Willard Telephone Co.
Williston Telephone Co.
Wilnet Communications, LLC
Wilton Telephone Co. Telecommunications, Inc.
Windy City Cellular
Winn Telephone Co.
Winnebago Cooperative Telephone Association
Winsted Telephone Co.
Winterhaven Telephone Co.
Winthrop Telephone Co.
Wiphonica Technologies, Inc.
Wiregrass Telcom, Inc.
Wireless Communications Venture
Wisconsin RSA #10 LP
Wittenberg Telephone Co.
Wolverine Telephone Co.
Wolverton Telephone Co.
Wood County Telephone Co.
Woodhull Community Telephone Co.
Woodstock Telephone Co.
Woolstock Mutual Telephone Association
World Communications, Inc.
Worldcall Interconnect Inc.
WTC Communications, Inc.
WV Paging (T & T Pump Co., Inc.)
WW Systems, LLC
Wyandotte Telephone Co.
Wyoming Mutual Telephone Co.
X5 Solutions, Inc.
Xatel, LLC
Xchange Telecom Corp.
Xfone USA, Inc.
Xit Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Xo, Inc.
Xspedius, LLC
Xtel Communications, Inc.
XYN Communications of New York, LLC
Yadkin Valley Telecom, Inc.
Yadkin Valley Telephone Membership Corp.
Ycom Networks, Inc.
Yelcot Telephone Co.
Yeoman Telephone Co., Inc.
Ymax Communications Corp.
Yucca Telecomm Systems, Inc.
Yukon - Waltz Telephone Co.
Yukon Telephone Co., Inc.
Zayo Bandwidth Northwest, Inc.
Zayo Group, LLC
Zenda Telephone Co., Inc.
Zeus Wireless LLC
Zippytech Inc.
Zumbrota Telephone Co.

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Custom SMS Integration Programming Service

Keen on developing your own SMS solutions or enhance your application but do not have the time? Bulk SMS now provides Custom SMS Integration. Our expert developers will integrate our Bulk SMS plugin into your

application or CMS platform with custom-made functions that suit your needs.

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SMS Custom Integration Service
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DIY SMS Integration Service using API

DIY SMS Integration service is now available for anyone who wants to integrating Bulk SMS to any software and application using Bulk SMS API (Application Programming Interface). You can do a lot of things with iSMS API.

  • Deliver / Receive SMS

  • Track SMS via HTTP requests

  • Lots more!

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SMS Integration Service Features

Reliable and Affordable

SMS Integration Service Features


SMS Integration Service Features

Fast and Reliable

SMS Integration Service Features

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SMS Integration Service Features

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Business SMS Marketing

We are serving more than 6000 corporate customers in Malaysia. The iSMS service has been serving the Malaysian corporate SMS needs Since 2007.

We have full range of SMS services including SMS shortcode, Premium Reliable SMS, 2 way SMS, SMS to email and other. We have solid team to support all your business needs. Please contact us today to start marketing your products through bulk SMS

IMPORTANT: iSMS Malaysia will not provide any contact list. Therefore, it is advisable for you to have your own list of contacts.